Featured Artist 2014

Pochron Studios
June 2012

The “Neo-Grotesque” is a group exhibition exploring representations of death and the
dark psyche, reflecting on the human paradox of beauty and unpleasantness. Contributing artists
include Lares Feliciano, Elliot Goldstein, Faith Malimba, Adam McDaniel, Nikki Neenan,
Paulette Omura, Maxwell Palmer, and Patrick Sandefur; and curated by Paulette Omura. The
show will open June 2nd at Pochron Studios, in Red Hook, and will run through the end of the
Neo-Grotesque, often an intersection of humor and horror, is a blend of the macabre, the
repulsive, the strange, the metamorphic and the incongruous thus creating a distorted reality.
The observer confronts the repulsive, which often occurs at the point of human construction and
nature’s destruction and is enticed to participate in the too often mitigated dialogue between the
two. It is a celebration of the natural confronting the uniquely human artifice of reality, physical
or psychological, and the reinterpretation of it.
The artists’ interpretation of the Neo-Grotesque ranges from literal memento mori to the
abstract of the disregarded. The work confronts and challenges the viewer’s conception of beauty,
while simultaneously inviting them into dark tourism.

Anatony of Absense

"Also of note is photographer Paulette Omura, with "Anatomy of Absence." This quiet image of an oxidized tin shed against a snow-covered field seems to honor the idea that good art making rests not only in adequate technique and processes well attended to, but also in the commitment to reveal truths lurking just below acuity."

—Enrico Gomez