Reconstruction 2010-present

Utilizing imagery that documents the process of decay, time and space are represented and interpreted. And transient states of being are reassembled in non-linear ways. Non-linear composition becomes a world in itself, with its own vocabulary and set of assumptions. Within these worlds time and space are captured, deconstructed, and reassembled, and spaces that once existed in four dimensions are reinterpreted within two.
The works are all physical representations of time, but each construct is unique to its own diegesis. Depicted is a tension between decaying imagery – spaces that no longer are but still have not yet ceased to be – and the re-imagining of the creative process. My work attempts to recreate the actual, lived atmospheric experience of the building over time. Each photo may be thought of as portrait, but it is the slow unfolding of a sculptural rather than a strictly photographic process.